the coffee space.

Your kitchen becomes a gourmet coffee bar.

A coffee machine that enchange your favorite origins. With Stone you will savor every nuance of your espresso. No more compromises-satisfy your passion for coffee.

The pleasure of choice.

Innovation take shape.
Professional technology in a compact domestic size.



225 mm


355 mm


440 mm


20,5 kg


1000 W

Heating System

200 W

Single Boiler Capacity

1,7 L

Steam Chamber

0,8 L

Removable water tank

1,2 L

Wattage - Version A

220-240 V - 50/60 Hz

Wattage - Version B

115 V - 60 Hz


Stainless Steel

Match it to your decor.

Rustic or industrial - whatever the style of your kitchen, with Slab choose the design you desire for your enviroment.

Stone changes with you.

Thanks to the quick coupling system, replacing the Slabs is fast and easy. So, if your change your house or decor, STONE can change with you.

We are located in Milan, the Italian capital of industrial design, but thanks to Stone, we work in coffee lovers’ kitchens all over the world. So, write to us or come and visit us, so we can offer you a good cup of coffee.



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